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Your Natural Diet: Alive Raw Foods

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Because a raw diet of mostly fruits with daily vegetable salads, some nuts and seeds and very small amounts (less than a teaspoon daily) of sea vegetation is replete with all our nutrient needs, we suffer no deficiencies.

Because this raw food dietary is "clean-burning," that is, has little or no toxic substances within themselves or as by-products after ingestion -- that is, no disease-causing factors -- discomforts and suffering will not be a result.

The body's vital energies, if enough rest and sleep are obtained, will be sufficient to cope with some of the toxic factors in vegetables. For instance, lettuces have lactucarium, a milky soporific and mild opiate. Cabbage family members have sulfur compounds that are mildly toxic. For a rather complete listing of toxic substances (carcinogens) in foods, I suggest that you go to the library and look up the Sept. 23, 1983 issue of Science magazine.

I also suggest that you refer to the book, Diet, Nutrition and Cancer published in 1982 by the Nutritional Research Council. Chapter 13 of this book lists so many pathogenic effects of cooked foods you'll swear off cooked foods forever out of respect for the temple of your being, your magnificent body.

Yes, a raw diet enables you to overcome diseases!
If you adopt a natural diet of raw foods, your body can easily cope with cleansing itself of past toxic accumulations and normalize its weight. While there may be some discomforts because of heavy detoxification occasioned by an improved diet and regimen, especially from emptying the fat cells which are often "under the rug" storage depots for toxins and morbid matters, the overall improvements will be nothing less than spectacular down line.

Sicknesses, diseases and ailments will cease because their underlying causes have been discontinued, removed and eliminated. The body is totally self-healing and will do so if not burdened with new toxic input. Only irreversible organic damage cannot be overcome -- problems like Alzheimer's, where significant brain cell loss has been sustained.

Based soundly and scientifically upon our natural biological disposition -- upon our natural physical, mental, emotional, sensory and spiritual needs -- you can expect sensational improvements when you eat a raw diet and practice the totally effective health system of which it is a part. The health system of which the natural raw food diet is a part is the basis for vibrant, sickness-free well-being! By following this natural and effective system in practice, you almost surely will:

  1. Overcome, once and for all time, occasional illnesses or annoying ailments. Whether it be indigestion, colds, flu bouts, mucus expectoration, headaches, backaches, fevers and "itises" or even such "incurable" problems as acne, allergy, arthritis, asthma, constipation, heart and cardiovascular problems, herpes, psoriasis, skin problems, sinusitis, tinnitus, tumors or whatever, this systems enables you to overcome almost anything simply by discontinuing and removing easily recognized causes, and establishing conditions that build great health.
  2. Because you'll discontinue and avoid easily recognizable causes of discomforts, sicknesses and disease, you need not suffer even so much as another case of indigestion, aches and pains, fever (itis), sore throat, cough, cold or anything else!
  3. Normalize your weight if it is excessive. Without dieting or counting calories, the Natural Hygiene or Healthful Living regimen born of properly meeting our needs causes the overweight to quickly, naturally, safely, surely, and permanently lose down to a naturally normal weight set-point.
  4. Eliminate physicians, hospitals, drugs, and nostrums from your and your family's lives. You'll also be spared their astronomical costs as well as the aches, pains, discomforts, agonies, and lost time.
  5. Save thousands of dollars every year in food, energy, medical, hospital, drug, labor, insurance, and other outlays!
  6. Energize yourself! You'll get more done when your energy levels go up! You become more lovable and charming as you become happier, more radiant and more dynamic.
  7. Increase your brainpower and mental alertness. Your thinking will be clearer, sharper and more focused. Your IQ and wisdom will increase significantly.
  8. Have new-found strength, stamina, vigor and vitality.
  9. Enjoy clearer complexion with a glowing and radiant skin tone.
  10. Speak with an improved voice that tends to bell clearness.
  11. Restore yourself to relative youth! You'll look, act and feel up to 20 years younger within one to four months.
  12. Eliminate most digestive problems within 24 hours after going on this marvelous diet.
  13. Improve your productivity and job performance, thus increasing your income appreciably.
  14. Feel like a million! You'll have a buoyancy and bounce that even younger people do not have!
  15. Decrease your sleep needs by about an hour daily even though you'll be better slept, more alert, and better rested.
  16. You'll be sharper, more precise and correct in your judgments and assessments, thus enabling you to more accurately and quickly perform both physical and mental tasks.
  17. When you start doing what you should always have been doing, you'll start being what you always should have been! When you do right, you'll become right.

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