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Colitis and Crohn's Diseases: They are healable....really!

© David Klein, Ph.D., Hygienic Doctor
Director, Colitis & Crohn's Health Recovery Center

Colitis and Crohn's inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) are debilitating afflictions which ruin the lives of millions of people worldwide. The consensus by the medical community is that there is no "cure" for the conditions and, at best, they can only be "managed" via a lifetime of detrimental drugs. The majority of sufferers place themselves under medical care, only to be told that: diet is not a causative factor; no specific diet will result in lasting healing; lifelong drug therapy is the only sensible course to follow; and, if drug therapy does not successfully manage the symptoms in chronic cases, surgical removal of the colon is generally the prudent course to take to eliminate the symptoms and avoid impending cancer.

Yet, none of those common beliefs are true and, tragically, millions of lives are wreaked year after year by this medical stance—a stance which is based upon ignorance of human physiology. While the attending gastroenterologist means well, he unfortunately does not know anything outside of the realm of drug and surgery treatment and he possesses no knowledge of the cause and purpose of disease and the conditions required by the body to heal itself. Few gastroenterologists are sanctioned to provide or even recommend non-pharmacological healing approaches to IBD. Medicine never results in health.

Happily, when we give ourselves proper care, that is we remove the causes of disease and supply the requisites for health, the body invariable works its wonders, healing itself completely and restoring health. A close study of physiology in the context of health science, such as taught by Natural Hygiene educators, reveals that the body is a marvelous self-healing organism. The body will heal inflammatory bowel diseases, even advanced cases under the proper care (such as I did 23 years ago after severe, chronic ulcerative colitis, and around 1,000 of my clients have likewise experienced).

Yes, there are a few thousand healing success stories validating this. And there is even more good news: several natural health doctors, such as myself, and other health coaches are available to guide IBD sufferers to complete lasting health. My guide book, Self Healing Colitis & Crohn's, is the world's bestseller in its field and it is readily available via my office, online at, and a growing number of bookstores. I take great pleasure in counseling several new clients every week, and most heal up within 2 to 8 weeks. Since 1993, over 1,000 clients have healed and gone on to enjoy a new life free of IBD.

So, what causes IBD? In a nutshell, stress on four fronts: 1. lifestyle stress (including the biggest factor: dietary, i.e., eating foods which are not natural to our biological disposition and are, therefore, indigestible and toxifying); 2. mental/emotional stress (including holding incorrect, disempowering beliefs about health and disease); 3. societal stress (such as working too-long hours); and environmental stress (pollution). No—genetics and germs do not cause IBD; rather, IBS is caused by our lifestyles and lack of proper education about the factors which cause disease and health. In other words, we need to learn how to restore health and live (and eat) healthfully. And we can!

For almost 200 years, Natural Hygiene teachers have taught that unhealthful habits (including ingesting and injecting poisons into the body) cause illness, and the body is a self-healing organism which expresses symptoms when its vital domain is threatened. In cases of IBD, the biggest culprit is acid-forming diets including indigestible, cooked, fatty, high-protein foods—primarily, animal meats, dairy products and fried oils. As a result of heating, they provide little if any usable protein or fiber and they putrefy and ravage the gut, causing inflammation, diarrhea and other distressful symptoms. Irritants (toxic matter and gases) cause bowel inflammation in a body which is overloaded and enervated to the point where toxins have built up to a life-threatening level. The body does its best to expel the irritating substances, but it is overwhelmed in cases of IBD.

The inflammation response (as well as diarrhea) is a self-purifying, self-healing action intelligently enacted by the body for restoring health. Inflammation is the body's protective immune system—our "guardian angel"—hard at work, preserving its vital domain. Remove the causes of the disease action, secure rest and allow the inflammation process to proceed and complete its job and they body will become purified, the inflammation will cease and health will be restored. That's self-healing physiology! Inflammation is not something to be suppressed under any condition. When we suppress inflammation, we suppress healing. Only the body can heal itself and it will under the proper conditions. Understanding your self-healing power is liberating!

What is the proven healthy, healing alternative to an unhealthful meat-based diet? In general, during the healing phase, a simple, low-residue, low-fat, vegan diet of certain fruits and lightly cooked vegetables, potatoes and squashes with fresh juices. This is followed by a post-healing diet with more fruits plus raw salads and lightly cooked plant foods and moderate amounts of fatty vegan "protein foods" such as raw avocados, nuts and seeds to maintain health. Self Healing Colitis & Crohn's teaches the specifics of how to do this. Specific eating guidelines must be followed; they are simple and wonderfully liberating. Improper eating of even the best foods can be detrimental, so one must get the right education and guidance needed for a successful healing outcome.

Yes, a vegan diet can supply all the protein, fat and carbohydrate satiation we need to heal and stay happy and dynamically healthy. Living Nutrition, the magazine I have published since 1996, also teaches the principles of healthful vegan living and it includes amazing self-healing testimonial stories in each issue. Virtually every disease condition, from A to Z, has been overcome via the application of the principles of Natural Hygiene—the science and art of healthful living. For a disease-free life filled with youthful vitality, it behooves each of us to implement more and more healthful living practices. This invariably results in our feeling better and better and getting more and more enjoyment out of life. Here's to your glorious health!

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