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Vibrant Living

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Live vibrantly/healthfully and all good things will come to you, including great success in your wholistic teaching and counseling career—these are the watchwords of the Academy. Together we co-create the vibrantly healthy world we wish to live in. We will be thrilled to work with you in influencing many new people to learn about and practice this natural way of life. Vibrant Living is humanity’s hope for a sustainable and thriving world!

The Prime Reequisites of Health

The Vibrant Living Credo of Life Vibrant Living is a natural lifestyle encompassing every aspect and principle of life for promoting optimal well-being—Vibrant Health—and is the result of living healthfully—vibrantly—in harmony with Nature and in congruence with our bio-spiritual nature.

Vibrant Living is founded upon the principles that exalted well-being can be attained and maintained only through biologically correct living practices, and that perfect health and happiness, free of disease, are our attainable God-given birthright.

Vibrant Living begets superior health with an ecstatic sense of vitality, enabling us to fulfill our highest potential.

Vibrant Living is grounded upon wholistic principles revealed by the hygienic sciences of biology, physiology, anatomy and pathology. These principles have been validated over the span of many centuries of human history and will lead us to extraordinary health, superior physical and mental function and long life.

Vibrant Living is meaningful and filled with beauty, love, goodness, kindness, grace, clarity, contentment, youthful energy and happiness.

Vibrant Living is in tune with Nature and, thus, is guided by instinct and intuition. It is wholistic and grounded in common sense as well as sound philosophical and ethical wisdom. As such, it is a blessing to humankind.

Vibrant Living deepens our connection with our true self and our kinship with Nature and our fellow Earth inhabitants.

Vibrant Lifers embrace the understanding that via our powerful innate wisdom, the human mind-body is self-constructing, self-preserving, self-defending, self-cleansing, self-regulating, self-repairing and self-healing.

Vibrant Lifers understand that Vibrant Health factors and lifestyle conditions enable the mind-body to maintain itself in perfect health, completely free of disease and attended by extraordinary mental and sensorial acuity, if all its needs are met. Foremost among these needs are fresh air, pure water, rest, sleep, cleanliness, natural foods consonant with our biological disposition, self-love, comfortable temperature, sunshine, vigorous activity, meaningful, constructive work, creative expression, emotional poise, mental mastery,recreation, mind-body-spiritual awareness, pleasant environment and lovingly supportive social relationships.

Vibrant Lifers recognize via our senses that we are biologically frugivores, that is, we are constitutionally, anatomically and aesthetically designed to thrive on a diet primarily of fruits and, secondarily, succulent vegetables, nuts and seeds, ideally eaten in the fresh, raw, natural state in combinations that are compatible with our digestive physiology and nutritional needs.

Vibrant Lifers understand that disease processes and conditions are caused by improper living practices, especially dietary indiscretions and excessive lifestyle stress. Unhealthy lifestyle choices beget reduced nerve energy (enervation), consequent toxicosis from overloads of internal wastes, and systemic malfunction, leading to illness. When we remove the causes of disease and replace them with healthful living factors and practices, the mind-body is enabled to restore Vibrant Health.

Vibrant Lifers acknowledge that all disease serves constructive purposes. Disease processes are intelligently conducted by the mind-body to reestablish normal Vibrant Health. Disease symptoms are useful warning signs we must heed (not cover up or manipulate) toward re-implementing the conditions which lead to Vibrant Health.

Vibrant Lifers understand that the mind-body vigilantly works in concert to ward off any threats to its vital domain, to correct any damage and to maintain normal Vibrant Health, and that nothing can heal us but the mind-body itself.

Vibrant Lifers also understand that medicines and other such remedies are toxic, have no healing powers and generally interfere with healing, and that we have been endowed with the faculties to accomplish our own healing in almost all cases of illness without relying upon outside intervention.

Vibrant Lifers recognize that the most powerful healing force in the Universe is our own self-sustaining Life Force, by which we are enabled to heal and live self-sufficiently, free of the tyranny of therapies and treatment modalities.

Vibrant Lifers recognize that a thoroughgoing rest, which includes water fasting, provides the most favorable condition for purifying (detoxifying), healing and restoring Vibrant Health.

Vibrant Living enables us to restore our pristine senses, recapture our youthful vitality and experience the magnificence of life in all its glory, enabling us to create vibrantly healthful lives filled with the richness of happiness, joy and contentment.

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