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How an Unnatural Diet Causes Diseases

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Just as kerosene fouls up an automobile or airplane engine which was not designed for it, so too will foods foul up human bodies if they are not adapted to them. If you are not physiologically adapted to a diet, it will be repulsive to you in its raw natural state - you cannot relish the food nor sustain yourself on it in good health. When you eat an unnatural diet by artifice, that is, by denaturing it by cooking and modifying and camouflaging its taste with condiments and so on, you are doing the following:

  1. Heat deranging and destroying the nutrients within the food.
  2. Deranging your taste buds through excitation with toxic substances to make the unpalatable food acceptable. All poisonous substances impose burdensome eliminative problems upon the body. Sicknesses, ailments and diseases result.
  3. Causing nutrient deficiencies by eating a partially or wholly nutrient deranged "food."
  4. Causing protein malnutrition. Cooking destroys proteins and amino acids. Once oxidized and destroyed by cooking, you can no longer derive any benefit from proteinaceous substances other than, perhaps "empty calories," that is, nutrient-bereft fuel. Once oxidized, proteins are soil (food) for bacteria which putrefy (rot) it. Bacterial putrefactive by-products are highly toxic and carcinogenic. These by-products are methane gas (the source for smelly gas emissions when you eat beans, for instance), hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans (which yield the rotten egg smell when carried out by the methane gas), cadaverine, putrescine, ammonias, indoles, skatoles, leukomaines and profusion of other toxic and carcinogenic substances.
  5. Laying the groundwork for putrefactive bacterial flora that will vitiate your intestinal tract. Eaters of cooked foods and wrong foods have about two pounds of bacterial flora up and down their digestive tracts. Raw food eaters have only a few ounces.
  6. Laying the groundwork for alcohol and vinegar poisoning. Heated sugars and carbohydrates are readily fermented by fungi and bacteria with, first, alcohol as a by-product and then vinegar which is dozens of times more toxic than alcohol.
  7. Intoxicating your body with the toxic debris (deranged nutrients) of what once had nutrient value. Instead of materials your body can use, you have toxins that put the body into a frenzy and, if overwhelmed by the toxic load, into a pathological state.

As you can see, cooked foods and condiments (most condiments are toxic plant excitants and stimulants: life-sapping inorganic substances like salt, pathogenic fermentation products like soy sauces, cheeses, etc.) are a curse to our well-being.

There are many toxic substances that are commonly eaten. For instance:

  1. Ordinary commercial orange juice contains a carcinogen! Because the whole orange is squeezed, the toxic limonene (a volatile and flammable oil) in the skin is in the juice. The same goes for lemon and grapefruit juices. Refer to the Office of Toxicological Sciences of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  2. Ordinary mushrooms contain several toxic substances (mainly hydrazine) that are carcinogenic. Refer to the September 23, 1983 issue of Science magazine.
  3. Tofu, a highly refined soy bean product, contains several carcinogens, notably indole and nitropyrene. Refer to Diet, Nutrition and Cancer.
  4. Alfalfa sprouts contain a carcinogen, canavanine. Refer to the September 23, 1983 issue of Science, and the FDA's Office of Toxicological Sciences.
  5. All cooked and heated oils and fats as in fried foods, nuts, seeds, meats, etc. contain deadly carcinogens. Their aerated fumes are worse in the lungs than tobacco smoke! Refer to Diet, Nutrition and Cancer.

The list seems endless! We Americans poison ourselves so much that we have more health problems per capita than any other country on earth. More than 16% of our national wealth goes down the disease rat hole.

Needless to say, all discomforts, illnesses and suffering are abnormal, unnatural and unnecessary.

Is Cooked Food Good For Us?
In nature all animals eat living foods as yielded up by nature. Only humans cook their foods and only humans suffer widespread sicknesses and ailments. Those humans who eat mostly living foods are more alert, think clearer, sharper and more logically and become more active. Best of all, live food eaters become virtually sickness-free!

Cooking is a process of food destruction from the moment heat is applied to the foodstuff. Long before dry ashes results, food values are totally destroyed. If you put your hand just for a moment into boiling water or on a hot stove, that should forever persuade you just how destructive heat is. Food is usually subjected to these destructive temperatures for perhaps half an hour or more. What was living substance becomes totally dead very rapidly with exposure to heat!

Cooking renders food toxic! The toxicity of the deranged debris of cooking is confirmed by the doubling and tripling of white blood cells after eating a cooked food meal. The white blood cells are the first line of defense and are, collectively, popularly called "the immune system."

As confirmed by hundreds of researches cited in the prestigious National Academy of Science°s National Research Council°s book, Diet, Nutrition and Cancer, all cooking quickly generates mutagens and carcinogens in foods.

Proteins begin coagulating and deaminating at temperatures commonly applied in cooking, and are devoid of nutritive value.

Vitamins are rather quickly destroyed by cooking.

Minerals quickly lose their organic context and are returned to their native state as they occur in soil, sea water and rocks, metals and so on. In such a state they are unusable and the body often shunts them aside where they may combine with saturated fats and cholesterol in the circulatory system, thus clogging it up with cement-like plaque.

Heated fats are especially damaging because they are altered to form acroleins, free radicals and other mutagens and carcinogens as confirmed in Diet, Nutrition and Cancer.

Thus you can see that dead foods make dull, diseased and sooner dead people.

How osteoporosis is caused
As an example of the modus operandi of disease causation, let's look at a widespread problem called osteoporosis, that is, bone porosity where bones lose their structural strength and present a Swiss cheese like appearance under the microscope. How do bones lose calcium and other minerals so that this condition results?

Bones are composed of mostly alkaline minerals, calcium being the primary mineral. The body maintains a homeostatic condition whereby blood, tissues and fluids are virtually all of an alkaline pH of 7.40. If the pH varies significantly from this operating alkaline homeostasis, it goes into a coma and death may ensue. Both alkalosis and acidosis can be deadly.

The body can easily deal with excess alkalis if from organic sources. It has great difficulty with inorganic alkalis like iron, calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium from inorganic sources, that is rocks, ores, soil, metal spring, well waters and cooked foods, especially sea water and cooked foods.

The body has a very difficult time dealing with acidic substances, even if from organic sources! While acid pH minerals like phosphorus, chlorine, sulfur, silicon and bromine are essential in human nutrition, these substances are toxic in the inorganic state. Even within an organic context, they present problems if they predominate over offsetting alkaline pH minerals. When the body digests and processes foods, they are metabolized and have metabolic end products that are either alkaline in pH or acid in pH. Pure water is neutral at 7.0.

The body maintains a hemostatic pH of 7.40. When the pH varies a few points above or below this norm, it suffers either alkalosis or acidosis. Alkalosis usually does not occur if there are excesses of alkaline minerals from organic sources. But, if metabolic end-products are acidic, the body has difficulty dealing with them.

The first order of business for the body that has acidic end-products is to neutralize and expel them from the vital domain lest they cause acidosis. When we eat foods that are acidic in their metabolic end-products, the body neutralizes them with alkalis from its reserves. If we eat meal after meal that consists of mostly acid-forming substances after metabolism, the body exhausts its alkaline reserves and must rob its bones of their alkaline minerals, primarily calcium, in order to neutralize the acid end products. That gives rise to osteoporosis and osteomalacia.

How colds are caused
Colds are one of the simplest sicknesses wherein the body withdraws much of its discretionary energies and redirects them to the task of extraordinary elimination of toxins and morbid matters through the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract and sinuses. When the body's cup runneth over, it enters into the G-O phase of the GIGO syndrome. (GIGO is a computer term that is short for "garbage in, garbage out.").

When we eat cooked foods we take in deranged toxic debris that the body cannot cope with ordinarily. When we eat cooked foods, additives, condiments, so-called herbs and take drugs, we become intoxicated with toxic materials. At some point, in order to maintain its integrity and functionality, the body must get the crud out. Colds are one of the many ways in which the body cleanses itself extraordinarily of internal filth.

How asthma is caused
Asthma can be equated with a cold except that the body eliminates its garbage through the bronchi, thus causing their inflammation and swelling which chokes off respiration.

How most diseases are caused
Most illnesses, ailments, maladies, diseases and body problems are occasioned by the body's methodology in eliminating debris relative to its diathesis (disposition) and vitality. Because all illnesses cumulatively reduce body vitality, bad practices eventually escalate into chronic problems which become degenerative and deadly.

How indigestion, acid stomach and gas emissions are caused
There are a multitude of factors that can contribute to upset stomach, sour stomach, heartburn, belching, foul gas emissions and other intestinal problems. The foremost causes are:

  1. Eating foods in combinations that are incompatible in digestive chemistry. This tops the list. Eliminating undigested foods wastes our energies. Besides this, undigested foods do not provide nourishment. Instead, they are fermented, putrefied or made rancid by our intestinal flora. These processes give rise to foul emissions of methane gas, sour stomach, heartburn, etc. and contribute toxic by-products that cause headaches and other pathologies. Fermentation products of bacteria include highly toxic alcohol and acetic acid (vinegar).
  2. Eating "foods" that humans are not equipped to digest easily and efficiently. Our natural bacterial population has a field day on indigestible bits of foods.
  3. Eating foods with differing digestive times, thus causing the fast-digesting food to be held up so that it ferments or sours. Eating desserts, even fruits, after a regular meal guarantees fermentation.
  4. Eating foods that are acid-forming in metabolic reaction. This acidifies the intestinal tract, causing acidosis of the body and osteoporosis of bones and teeth. The body robs the bones and teeth of alkaline elements to neutralize the acids. This also gives rise to intestinal distress and gas eructations.
  5. Eating beyond digestive capacity or overeating. Food eaten beyond digestive capacity causes bacterial fermentation, putrefaction and rancidity, adding up to a grand case of upset stomach.
  6. Eating when digestive ability is low, as when one is emotionally upset, under tension or stress, feeling poorly, needing sleep and rest, etc.
  7. Eating foods that contain condiments, preservatives, irritants, heated oils, or other toxic substances (e.g., uric acid of meat), etc. Vinegar, e.g., will retard or totally suspend digestion.
  8. Eating cooked foods. Cooked cabbage, for instance, takes twice as long in the stomach as raw cabbage.