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David Klein

Dear Health Seeker,

You possess self-healing power beyond your imagination! Your body is a self-healing marvel! When it is unwell it is trying to heal and restore wellness non-stop—the “dis-ease” symptoms actually indicate that your body is trying to get you well! With proper care and guidance, the body will heal and provide you with the opportunity to realize the vibrant health freedom you are seeking.

I specialize in personalized counseling and guidance for healing disease and creating vibrant health the all-natural way. My goal is to empower you to heal under your own God-given powers and to become the master of your health destiny, free of worries, fears, suffering, medicines and doctor bills, just as I did myself in 1984 when I resurrected my life after a devastating “incurable” disease.” Now, it is my duty, privilege and joy to pass my knowledge on and serve you.

Healing is a matter of discontinuing the causes of disease—toxic, enervating habits and influences—and implementing 100% natural, healthful practices. In this way, the body will do its job and you’ll derive wonderful results. As nothing can heal the body but the body itself, the self-healing approach is the simplest, wisest, fastest and least costly way to go. Your body is ready to do this—you have the self-healing power within!

We need copious rest and the body needs to detoxify and purify in order to heal. I support my clients with that day by day. My practice also incorporates raw-vegan diet coaching. I bring rare insights from my studies and experiences, which include 34 years as a low-fat, mostly rawfood vegan. For over 34 years I have thrived on a 100% raw, vegan, fruit-based, 80-10-10, alkalizing rawfood diet. Working with clients at their comfort level and patiently guiding them on their paths to rejuvenation is my passion!

I provide daily counseling and ongoing support by phone, Skype and e-mail to clients worldwide. Since 1992, I have guided 4,500-plus clients to vibrant wellness. Below is an ongoing list of the disease conditions my clients have resolved; however, the list of healable maladies is not limited. No matter what the diagnosis, and regardless of the disease names or symptoms, the body knows how to heal virtually any condition, and that is precisely what the body is desperately striving to do when it is sick!

Yes—I will help you and your loved ones! Please feel free to contact me by phone, Skype or e-mail. Expect life-changing revelations and get ready for a new life as the vibrant you! Cooperate with Nature and your body will heal. I will guide you there!

For vibrant health and happiness,

Dr. David Klein
Doctor of Philosophy in Natural Health and Healing, Hygienic Doctor, Naturorthopathic Doctor, Hygiophysician

Contact Information

Self Healing Empowerment
Maui, Hawaii, USA
Phone : 808-572-0861 (Hawaii)
Skype: drdaveklein

Abscesses • Acidosis • Acne • Addictions  • Adhesions• Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) • Allergies • Anemia • Ankylosing Spondylitis • Anorexia • Arthritis • Asthma • Atherosclerosis • Anxiety Disorder • Bingeing • Bladder Infection • Blood Clots • Blurry Vision • Brain Fog • Bronchitis • C. Difficile • Cancer • Candida Yeast Infection • Celiac Disease • Cholecystitis • Chronic Fatigue • Chronic Pain • Cold Sores  • Colitis • Confusion • Constipation • Crohn’s Disease • Dandruff • Dental Erosion • Depression • Dermatitis • Diarrhea • Diabetes • Diverticulitis • Eczema • Eating Disorders • Edema • Emaciation • Emotional Disorders • Environmental Illness • Epstein-Barr • Erythema Nosodum • Esophagitis • Fibromyalgia • Fissures • Flora Imbalance • Gastric Ulcers • Gastritis • Gastroesophogeal Reflux (GERD) • Gastroparesis • Gout • Halitosis • Heart Arrhythmia • Heartburn • Hemorrhoids • Hepatitis • High Cholesterol • High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) • Hyperacidity • Hyperthyroidism • Hypothyroidism • Ileitis • Impotence • Incontinence • Indigestion • Inflammation • Influenza • Insomnia • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) • Kidney Infection • Leaky Gut • Liver Enzyme Disorders • Low Blood Pressure • Low Self Esteem • Lupus • Lyme Disease • Malabsorption • Malnutrition • Migraines • Obesity • Osteoporosis • Pancreatitis • Parasites • Phobias • Pneumonia • Polyps • Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis • Proctitis • Prolapsed Colon • Prostatitis • Psoriasis • Shingles • Sinusitis • Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth (SIBO) • Spastic Colon • Strictures • Tinnitus • Toxemia • Toxicosis • Ulcerative Colitis • Ulcers • Vitamin B12 Malabsorption • Weakness 

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